Container Handling Best Practices

Ensuring the safe distribution of temperature sensitive medicinal products is a high priority at vnsr威尼斯城官网登入. Please follow these guidelines to minimize the risk of human errors and support the safe handling of our containers.

The below documents address some of the more common issues related to the safe handling and operation of vnsr威尼斯城官网登入 t and e type containers and some are available in multiple languages. The documents are free to download, distribute and use for the purpose of handling vnsr威尼斯城官网登入 containers. This includes:

  • General Container Handling
  • Deep Frozen
  • Controlled Room Temperature
  • Loading and Strapping Down in a Container
  • Temperature logger positions


Permission to use, copy and distribute the documentation published by vnsr威尼斯城官网登入 on this web site is hereby granted on the condition that each copy contains the copyright notice: "Copyright: vnsr威尼斯城官网登入 AB".

General Container Handling

Deep Frozen

Cold Room - t Containers pre-conditioning

Dry Ice - t Container pre-conditioning

Controlled Room Temperature

Using t containers for controlled room temperature (CRT) shipments

Loading and Strapping Down in a Container

Releye RLP Container Loading Guidelines

Loading and Strapping Down Your Shipment

Temperature logger positions