How to Lease

We offer a variety of high-tech containers, flexible leasing models and unbeatable service packages.

To support you with safety, speed and flexibility throughout the transportation of your products, we provide you with more than just a container. When you lease an vnsr威尼斯城官网登入 container, it is guaranteed to be checked, cleaned and ready to use. And if you require a transportation service, our network of partners includes more than 100 airlines and over 40 forwarders, with personnel trained to handle our containers and your products.

Planning and Preparations

If you need to qualify a container type before shipping your valuable products, we can provide you with validated data and analysis from live shipments, as well as test results from our high-tech laboratory in Sweden, to speed up the qualification process. Our service-minded sales team and customer service teams support you throughout the entire process. They will assist you with the most suitable container type and leasing model for your company and your products. 高效的管理, you can also register to our user-friendly online booking system and simply order a container when you need it.

Placing an order

In our online booking system, you, based on the requirements of your goods, choose the container type you want and enter how many of them you need for your specific shipment. The online ordering system will propose a couple of different options and you can choose the package that meets your needs the best. We provide a large selection of lease packages and services for our different containers.

  • A 5-day and 9-day lease package for Network (one-way) trips for all four (4) container types.
  • An 11-day, a 21-day and a 30-day package for Round Trip and Round Trip Flex with E-tech.

Transportation and Post-shipment

As soon as your products are ready for transportation, you can either use our drop-off service or, if you use a logistics partner, release the container from one of our more than 50 stations around the world. And when your products have reached their destination, the container is smoothly returned to either the same destination you picked it up from or, depending on the leasing model, to another station close to your destination. Shipment data can be collected and we then provide you with a post-shipment report shortly thereafter.

Lease Details

Lease Options

We provide a large selection of lease packages and services for our different containers.

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We Work With the Best

Our contracted partner network include some of the largest airlines and logistics companies in the world. All in all, we work with more than 100 airlines and more than 40 logistics companies.

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